Does thinking about the word “Money” make you feel stressed or secure?

If you are like many people that walk in my door and are not sure where all of your money goes, and have never been taught how to budget – and possibly don’t want to – then this tool is made for you.

Do you earn a reasonable income, but have no idea where it all goes?

Xero Cashbook is cloud software that tells you everything you need to know about your finances.

When I ask clients what is important about money to them, they often say “security” and “having enough”; but very few know how much is enough or why they feel so insecure about money.

If you feel it is time to set yourself free from the chains of debt and money burdens, then you should consider seeing a financial adviser about Xero Cashbooks today.

Your financial planner can help you set realistic budget goals and help you to stay on track.

In my experience, budgeting is a skill that seems to have slowly disappeared as we have become more affluent. The Baby Boomers needed one to survive, Generation X lived from pay packet to pay packet, whilst Generation Y live on debt.

Okay – so I am probably exaggerating a little bit, but it seems to me that the need for a budget is re-emerging for both the youth and the retiree.

My advice to pre-retiree’s

Understanding how much you need in retirement is one of the first steps to planning for a successful and stress free retirement. Most people want to maintain the same standard of living as they have now, but few seem to know how much that is.

Once you stop earning  a wage or income through physical exertion, and start to rely on the income from your superannuation and investments; knowing that you have enough becomes a high priority.

Clients often come to me in pre-retirement years looking to find out if they have enough to retire and if they can afford to maintain the same lifestyle that they have. But unless they have a clear picture of how much they are spending now it is very hard to calculate how much is enough.  That is where the Xero Cashbooks is a fantastic tool – with detailed reports, your financial planner can help you create a clear picture of how much you are spending now, so that they can provide you with the security that you can afford to retire and maintain a similar lifestyle.

My advice to young people

If you currently earn a good wage but don’t know where all your money goes then this tool could help set you up for life.

The rich don’t get rich by not knowing where there money is going. Set good habits now and they will follow you for the rest of your life. Set a budget and savings goals now – because it doesn’t get any easier. In my experience the more someone earns each year the more they spend. That is unless they set good budgets and saving plans or have someone to keep them accountable.

Are you looking for a way to make money work for you and not the other way around?

If your’e not self-motivated, then I encourage you to contact us for a complimentary appointment to see how we can help you to make this program work for you and keep you accountable.