How we help

Wealth Creation

Providing education and advice on financial strategies and structures to help you achieve your goals without compromising your lifestyle now or in the future.

Financial strategies that consider the tax consequences beyond the current financial year.

Investment solutions that are individually tailored taking into consideration your level of investment comfort and your level of interest and desire to be involved in making the day to day decisions.

We provide advice and expertise across government superannuation funds, industry super funds, defined benefit funds, retail super funds and self-managed superfunds. Helping you make active decisions on your superannuation options, including

  • investment choices,
  • appropriate insurance levels, and
  • contribution types and amounts, to optimise your funds potential whilst minimising the impact on your cash flow

Retirement Planning

Working with you through the options, choices and trade-offs to help you to understand how much you need to save now to have the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Providing you with the most tax effective solutions to get there.

Maximise your Age Pension and other centrelink entitlements by structuring your assets and income for favourable centrelink treatment.

Wealth Protection

Advice and options on how to protect you and your family in the event of illness, accident or premature death.

Determining the appropriate levels of insurance to provide for your future without paying for more than you need.

Strategies to fund premiums in order to suit your cash flow and minimise tax, whilst ensuring in the event of a claim the proceeds reach the intended recipient.

Structure and ownership advice that takes into account the special needs of separated and blended families, and the tax and estate planning consequences in the event of a claim.

Estate Planning

Preparing an overall estate plan that takes into consideration both your estate and non-estate assets.

Ensuring the right money goes to the right people at the right time.

Minimising estate and beneficiary taxes; both pre-death, on death and beyond.

Financial Management

Full implementation and follow-up of all advice and strategies, providing you with comfort and reassurance that all your financial affairs are kept in order.

Managing your investment and superannuation portfolio/s

By outsourcing to Florisson Financial you can relieve the stress of co-ordinating all of your financial affairs. For example, we can help you

  • manage and co-ordinate your financial information with your accountant, solicitor and other key professionals
  • organise financing with a qualified mortgage broker
  • arrange and maintain salary packaging solutions